Apuldram Around


As we enter 2018
we look back over the past year and give thanks to Moira for her leadership, friendship and pastoral care. We thank all the PCC members for the work they do in maintaining the overall wellbeing of our church. Especial thanks go to our Treasurer, Graham, who has not only kept our finances on an even keel but has worked doggedly for close on ten years to raise funds for the new building and is now rewarded by seeing the first steps being taken. Especial thanks go, too, to our churchwarden, Maureen, who has not only continued another year of fulfilling the duties of a churchwarden single handed but also organised the cleaning rota, is Deanery Synod representative, has locked the church each evening during the summer months and carried out innumerable other jobs. We thank Linda who continues to unlock the church each morning during the summer months and helps out in many other ways. To all those who help by way of fund raising, flower arranging, organ playing, church cleaning, magazine delivering and a myriad of behind the scenes jobs, thank you for all you do to ensure the smooth running of our services and the maintenance of our lovely church.

The annual Carols by Candlelight

took place on 17th December. The church as always looked very festive, the sconces were filled with glowing candles, foliage lay on the window ledges and the Christmas tree, which had been decorated by the children, shone brightly. Moira led a joyful service of familiar readings and carols during which the children built up the crib scene. Our thanks to Bernadette for playing the organ and to the Fishbourne choir for leading the singing.




Progress on church extension
The strong winds early in the month brought down part of the fencing alongside the path to the church. Thanks to Graham who purchased new posts, to Linda who provided the long crossbars and the builder who erected the fencing, this was all completed before the Carol Service when the path must be negotiated in the dark. The footings for the extension have been dug and the concrete poured. Short walls are being built around the perimeter of the building to accept the concrete that will form the floor. The builders will take a break over the Christmas period but, weather permitting, work will continue again in January.

A pre-Christmas visit
to old friends John and Mary Gostling found them cheerful and in good health. John continues to keep in touch with many friends who at one time worshipped at St Mary’s and updates them with a copy of Apuldram Around.

From Advent 2016 to Advent 2017
was the Year of the Bible when congregations were challenged to examine the importance of the books of the Bible in daily life and contemporary culture. The proposal was to read the entire bible (in a special format) from the beginning to the end during the year. It would be interesting to know how many people completed this challenge within the time frame!













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